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About Cambodia

The world knows Cambodia as the country with its famous for [[Angkor Wat]] temple and its ancient civilization known as [[Khmer Empire]] which flourished for over 600 years which allowed successive kings to control and exert influence over much of Southeast Asia and accumulate immense power and wealth. The Indianized kingdom built monumental temples including [[Angkor Wat]], now a [[UNESCO World Heritage]] Site , and facilitated the spread of first Hinduism, then Buddhism to much of Southeast Asia. Following  its development over 20 years, Cambodia is now modernized and becomes world's newest travel destinations in South East Asia".  Cambodia opened to tourists in the mid-1990s and tourist’s numbers have increased every year.    

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Local aviation sector thriving: SSCA

Local aviation sector thriving: SSCA

Cambodia’s aviation sector has grown remarkably in recent years, particularly since the implementati...
Government says ‘yes’ to Japan’s smart city initiative

Government says ‘yes’ to Japan’s smart city initiative

The government has agreed to a Japanese initiative that seeks to drive investment in the development...

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